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Iconic Rapper Big Daddy Kane Lends His Voice…

Iconic Rapper Big Daddy Kane

Lends His Voice with 15-year old singer Alissa Cavallaro 

Anti-bullying Campaign 

“Don’t be Pushed Around”

single set for May 2014 Release

New York, NY – April 29, 2014 – 15-year old Alissa Cavallaro (Singer) and iconic rapper Big Daddy Kane has announced their anti-bullying collaboration 

“Don’t Be Pushed Around.”

Together the singer and rapper have created a musical journey of positive, pulsating lyrics ensuring the listener’s confidence and giving voice to young people who often feel helpless. The single “The Journey Isn’t Over” will go on sale through Battle Records – E 1 Entertainment Distribution, iTunes, CD Baby and other online outlets May 2014.  

Every day, young people are chastised and belittled by their peers, leaving an indelible mark on their education and social experiences.  Proceeds from the sales of the recording will benefit Suicide Prevention & Awareness Program / Sing into the Sunlight Organization.


Young Alissa stands on the shoulders of this legendary rapper and wants to encourage her peers to “dare to be different” and find security in what sets them apart; and “Don’t Be Pushed Around.” Alissa will tour elementary and high schools during the remainder of this academic school year and summer months to announce the campaign “Don’t Be Pushed Around”


Also, Alissa is working in tandem with Attitude Apparel Inc. and their design team to create a limited edition of “Don’t Be Pushed Around” collection of bold and edgy t-shirts, hats and accessories. “Don’t Be Pushed Around” products will be available for purchase at Attitude Apparel Inc. kiosks at each tour stop as well as on Alissa’s and Attitude Apparel Inc.’s websites.


The Anti Bullying campaign seeks to:

          Empower Teenagers

          Encourage students to take pride in their individuality

          Create comfortable environments to discuss peer pressure

          Share conflict resolution and anger management methods

          How to stand-up for yourself and others

          Lend a hand and save a child


About Suicide Prevention

Mental illness can happen to anybody regardless of age, culture, race, gender, ethnicity, economic status or location. Today, mental health struggles are a leading impediment to academic success among college students. Mental health affects relationships, academics, success and overall well-being. Yet because of lack of education and an unnecessary shame that surrounds the issues, mental health is not discussed and too many students are suffering in silence.

The average age of onset of most mental health disorders is 18-24. 1,100 college students die by suicide each year making it the 2nd leading cause of death on college campuses. 44% of college students report having felt so depressed in the past year it was difficult to function. 2/3 of students who need help don’t receive it.


About Attitude Apparel Inc.

Born in beautiful Brooklyn, New York Attitude Apparel Inc. began as a concept; a concept that clothing can inspire creativity, intelligence, and greatness. All items created by Attitude Apparel Inc. are inspired by the art, sound, smell, taste, and feel of what is beautiful New York City. We are a new company with big goals. We want to inspire the world to create beautiful art and fill the world with joy and creativity! Each of our products has been designed by artists within the company with the intention to inspire others to do the same. Attitudeclothingbrand.com


About the artist: Alissa Cavallaro, since the tender age of nine, music has been young Alissa’s passion.  Since that time, it has become her destiny.  Self-described as “weird,” she accomplished an almost superhuman feat, winning the Amateur Night competition at the infamous Apollo Theater in New York City at age nine.  Alissa Cavallaro.com





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