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5 Questions With….. Peze

 photo peze-5-questions-with-the-industry-cosign_zpsb0f30496.jpg1-Who is Peze and what is his Glory?

I can describe myself as a young man who has experienced more than the average person. Since the age of 14, I’ve been a soldier in the streets that is a jungle full of lions and tigers. Poverty and drugs destroyed my life as a kid because I had drug-addict parents and my mother died before I was 1 yrs old. My glory is to heal from my wounds and grow as an artist. I want to share my life through music and invite people to listen to what goes on in the streets and how kids are surviving poverty.

2-What advice would you share with other artists in small towns about creating a buzz?

My advice to other artists is that you need to make sure that everyone in your small town know who you are and grow from there. Get into social networks and use social media to promote your music. Hit the bigger cities and meet people who can share your music and talk about your movement. Try to work with other artists and make great music.

3-What was it like working with one of the biggest DJs in Florida and how did it come about? 

It’s an honor to work with Dj Smallz because he takes pride in being from the South and he puts on for all the cities in Florida. You know, just hearing the word “southern smoke” over my tracks is a blessing. When we met in Atlanta at a hiphop festival and I was telling him where I’m from and who I was, we kinda clicked right away. And before you know it,  we were work on my debut mixtape Pain For Glory.

4-What can we expect next from Peze?

You will get my life story in every thing I do. My next project will get bring my fans closer to me. Just traveling and doing shows wherever my fans are. I want to have fun with music.

5- How can people find out more about you and your music?

My debut mixtape Pain for Glory is available on all of the mixtape websites. I want to gain more fans and collaborate with other artist so definitely reach out to me on twitter and instagram @OfficialPeze and facebook.com/officialpezemusic

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