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Moguldom Studios to Release “The Swirl” May 27




“The Swirl” is part of a series of documentaries being released Summer 2014


(NEW YORK) – May 14, 2014Moguldom Studios is kicking off Summer 2014 with a series of groundbreaking and thought-provoking films including A Genius leaves The Hood, Gunland, The Swirl, Black Church, Inc., Bottoms Up and 72%. The Swirl is scheduled to be released on May 27, 2014.


Known for their revolutionary style of documentaries called “docutainment”, Moguldom Studios is leading the way in producing non-theatrical films through digital networks by keeping at the pulse of trending topics that are relevant in today’s ever-evolving world. Moguldom Studios has seen enormous success with this style of releases, withA Genius Leaves The Hood: The Unauthorized Story of Jay-Z debuting as one of the best-selling documentaries on Google Play and iTunes. A Genius Leaves The Hood is also on Google Play’s top 10 list along with Gunland, another recently released documentary.


The Swirl tackles societal and cultural issues relating to interracial dating, asking the question; is it the new trend or still taboo? There was a time when interracial dating was a taboo practice that could lead to physical harm or even death. Today it seems to be of greater acceptance as with celebrity power couples Kanye West and Kim Kardashian or Ice-T and Coco. The Swirl takes a comedic look at this serious topic by digging into the cultural shift in attitudes around interracial relationships.


***Watch the Official Tailer Below***


The Swirl unveils the real-life conversations folks are having in the shadows on the subject that has finally been brought to light in this enlightening and entertaining documentary. Speaking to men and women on both sides of the debate, the feature length documentary delivers honest and hilarious dialogue on interracial dating by comedians such as Esther Ku, Rodney Perry, and Reggie Jackson. The film dares viewers to take a hard look at their own perceptions. Through in-depth interviews, expert commentary, comedic conjecture and surprising statistical data, the film covers everything from self-hate and racism to the concept of love being colorblind.


Whether you turn up your nose and wince every time you see someone dating outside his or her race or accept “swirling” with open arms, this film bravely addresses the realities of race relations in the 21st century. The Swirl forces us to speak openly and honestly about interracial dating in a way not often discussed in public. When the final credits roll, you’ll be left with a brand new perspective that will either reshape or reconfirm your views on this taboo topic.


“Moguldom Studios is very excited about the line up of groundbreaking documentary releases for Summer 2014. These films represent the always-evolving issues as they relate to society and culture,” says Marve Frazier, Chief Creative Officer at Moguldom Media Group. “It is our vision for those who view the documentaries, to not only be entertained, but to walk away with knowledge to affect change,” she adds.


The Swirl will be released on May 27, 2014, with the DVD and digital download available for purchase on Amazon.com, Google Play, iTunes and www.moguldomstudios.com


Production credits include Tabari Sturdivant as Director and Producer, as well as Jamarlin Martin, Marve Frazier, Barion L. Grant as Executive Producers.



Other Films by Moguldom Studios 

being released in Summer 2014 include:


A Genius Leaves The Hood(Currently on sale) – Explore the mind of a man who never played by the rules and admits it – the unauthorized biography of Jay-Z.



Gunland(Currently on sale) – Go beyond the headlines & stereotypes to discover that much more lies beneath the surface in the city of Chicago. This documentary attempts to discover the real reasons behind why young men and women of color are dying at the hands of their peers.



Black Church, Inc.(June 30, 2014) – A film that examines corruption in churches and how mega churches are making money off of their congregations.



Bottoms Up(July 30, 2014) – A look into the plastic surgery phenomenon of women trying to make their backsides larger.



72%(August 26, 2014) – A documentary that dives into the “baby mama” crisis and how 72% of women in the black community are raising children in a single-parent environment.




For more information about these films & Moguldom Studios, visit:


Twitter: www.twitter.com/MoguldomStudios

Facebook: www.facebook.com/MoguldomStudios

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TheSwirlFilm




About Moguldom Studios:

Moguldom Studios is a next generation film company that delivers intimate, timely and unforgettable stories about the African-American experience, creating independent documentary films that are branded as “Docutainment.”


Docutainment, as Moguldom Studios calls it, is a hybrid between reality, day in the life and traditional storytelling, which takes a unique and objective look at the African-American experience, all the while offering such riveting stories which will also appeal to anyone who is interested in multicultural documentary films.


Moguldom Studios’ staff consists of filmmaking award-wining experts who know exactly how to capture the African-American experience with a style that is fresh, edgy and relevant. Our goal is to deliver intimate, timely and unforgettable stories that all can enjoy. The films are available for purchase or rent right here on the Moguldom Studios website as well as on platforms such as  iTunes, Google Play, Amazon and more. See more at: www.moguldomstudios.com


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