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Minority Independent Producers Summit (MIPS) 2014








MIPS 2014 Opens June 25 – 27

At Tribeca Cinemas and MIST Harlem


Registration Now Open



New York City (May 22, 2014)Minority Independent Producers Summit (MIPS), a non-profit organization, has announced a progressive new plan of action in an effort to promote and boost diversity within the industry for content creators. MIPS 2014 conference will be the first of its kind to present premium opportunities for the underrepresented communities within the entertainment industry including: blacks, Asians, Latinos, women, Middle Easterners, the LGBT and the disabled.

MIPS 2014 conference will run from June 25 – 27, 2014 at Tribeca Cinemas and MIST Harlem in NYC. Each program within the conference has been designed to help open doors, boost collaborations, create opportunities, help break the distribution blockade, and provide insight and guidance on acquisition and funding.


“We want to level the playing field and help break down barriers for diverse content producers who are at a disadvantage in the industry and we believe MIPS is a great starting point.” Anre Garrett, Producer and Founding Member of MIPS.


“MIPS was created to provide an environment of strategic alliances and information to support the success and access of underserved producers of color, women, LGBT and the disabled in the entertainment media spectrum.” Milana L. Walter, Producer – Writer and Founding Member of MIPS.


Within the course of three days MIPS 2014 conference will offer the essential elements necessary to getting underrepresented content funded, produced and distributed, while providing direct access to industry leaders, executives and experts.


Along with providing an inside track on pre-sales, international and domestic co-production deal-making, MIPS 2014 programs also offer exclusive meetings with selected members and renowned executives offering insight for an added upper hand within the industry.


Founding members Milana Walter is an Emmy® award-winning producer, Sheila Quann, partner of Hard Headed Media; Anre Garrett, producer and founder of Hard Headed Media, along with Susan Schein, industry veteran and Founding Director of the award-winning Entertainment Industry Incubator.


About Minority Independent Producers Summit

A non-profit organization committed to furthering the growth and development of minority independent producers and content creators from underrepresented communities such as those of color, LGBT, women and those with disabilities. More info at: www.MIPSummit.com


Registration now open at: MIPSummit.com

Follow us on Twitter @MIPSummit

Follow us on Tumblr @MIPS2014

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