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PYNK GIRLS CARE partners with TWIYO Organization to Expand the Horizons of Underprivileged Youth

PYNK GIRLS CARE partners with TWIYO Organization to Expand the Horizons of Underprivileged Youth
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NEW YORK, NY – JUNE 18th, 2014


In an effort to inform and transform urban youth into cognizant leaders of tomorrow through distinct travel, cultural service, and international experiences, PYNK Magazine and PYNK Girls Care have partnered with non-profit organization, TWIYO (The World Is Your Oyster) to provide the opportunity for students from underprivileged areas to travel to Martha’s Vineyard over the July 4th holiday weekend.

On July 2nd, the students will travel from East New York Brooklyn to Martha’s Vineyard. The students will go on a tour of Martha’s Vineyard TV studios, as well as participate in other activities to expand their horizons.

“Meeka Claxton and I as well as the other board members of PYNK Girls Care felt it was important to partner with TWIYO to give these children the opportunity to see something outside of their neighborhood. We had a chance to meet many of the students involved and they honestly all deserve this trip and so much more. We are honored to be a part of this cause and ask that you support this very deserving organization and initiative as we work together to make these children aware that their possibilities are endless and that the world is truly their oyster.”- Mecca Moore (Founder/Publisher, PYNK Magazine)

“Your support means that you are making a direct impact in the lives of inner city youth.”- Anne Desrosiers (Founder/Executive Director, TWIYO)

TWIYO is accepting donations to cover the costs of transportation, lodging, activities, and meals for the students via http://twiyobeyondbk.causevox.com. All proceeds will be used toward the costs of the excursion.

TWIYO is a youth-centric, non-profit organization based in Brooklyn, NY that provides leadership development and exposure to urban youth throughout America. You can learn more about TWIYO by visiting their website at: www.twiyonow.org

The PYNK Girls Care initiative fosters the enlightenment, upliftment, and empowerment of women across the nation through charitable events, fundraising, and mentorship.

Be sure to keep up with PYNK Girls Care by following our #30DaysOfPYNK promotion throughout the month of June via www.thinkPYNK.com, and on social media at @Pynkmagazine.


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