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Hidden Beach Expereiences Set to Release U.S. Debut of Naturally 7 on July 29, 2014




Critically-acclaimed Around the World,

Naturally 7 releases

 photo Naturally-7-Hidden-In-Plain-Sight-the-industry-cosign_zpse259aad0.jpg
(Los Angeles – June 12, 2014) – They have performed to standing ovations all over the world and now are bringing their critically-acclaimed vocal style home to the United States with the release of their debut U.S. album, Hidden In Plain Sight which is scheduled for release on July 29th on Hidden Beach Experiences.


Hidden in Plain Sight truly defies description and it is a true album experience of the highest quality,” states Hidden Beach CEO Steve McKeever.  “We expect the listener to be both blown away and question the fact that there’s not a single musical instrument used on the album which is an astonishing feat, unprecedented when you hear the results.  Our true goal was to make the most astonishing fact of the album irrelevant.  The goal was to create a wonderful album to be fully enjoyed whether or not someone realized the vocal gifts that will certainly be studied by every acapella fan from henceforth.  I respectfully believe that Naturally 7 has achieved their goal.  We are proud to present this album to the public.”

Naturally 7 have been the opening act for multiple Grammy® award winner Michael Bublé, for the past three years sharing their “wall of sound” with audiences in the UK, France, Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the United States. They recently performed one of their signature songs “Keep The Customer Satisfied” to rave reviews on the “The Arsenio Hall Show.”



The Naturally 7 album art depicts the group as vocal “Super Heroes.” In an attempt to create artwork that matched the innovative sound of the group, Hidden Beach reached out to the multi-talented animation/comic book guru, Michael Davis.   Davis, who is one of the co-founders of Milestone Media, is collaborating with Hidden Beach on a graphic novel. Click Here to preview the artwork.


The first single for this highly anticipated album is Naturally 7’s interpretation of the Coldplay hit single, “Fix You” which has been heralded as a “beautiful mesmerizing version….which rivaled the original for haunting emotion” (AccessAtlanta.com). The group, which often weaves spiritual themes into their lyrics, joins gospel great Mahalia Jackson on a “hybrid” of the classic “Troubles of The World” from the classic film “Imitation of Life.” Their song, simply entitled “Mahalia,” is creating buzz in gospel music circles for it’s innovation.


Hidden in Plain Sight will be available in both standard and deluxe versions. The standard version has fourteen tracks while the deluxe version has five additional tracks plus expanded content including lyrics and “Behind the Song” notes.


“We are excited about releasing our official U.S. album,” states group leader Roger Thomas. “We have been traveling the world for the past few years and I guess you could say we have been Hidden in Plain Sight. With the release of this project, our U.S. fans will have an opportunity to see us up close and in person.”

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