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G.I.N. Entertainment launches online channel



G.I.N. Entertainment launches online channel

J.P. Groucho “Gets it in” online with GinTV.com

For Immediate Release (New York, NY) – Tuesday, July 14, 2014 – J.P. Groucho founder of G.I.N. (Getting it In) TV has launched his first website. GinTV.com is a visually interactive website devoted to international entertainment and culture. In the first month of its launch, GinTV.com already has a mixture of content from music videos to interviews, event coverage and more.

Since the beginning of G.I.N. Entertainment in 2005, they have interviewed a variety of people in different aspects of entertainment. Some of them include Vince Carter, Future, Rick Ross, and Cedric the Entertainer. G.I.N. Entertainment also produces a bi-monthly DVD magazine that covers issues in Hip Hop, Politics, and current events. Currently, G.I.N. TV can be seen in Brooklyn, channels 67/34 Time Warner at 10:00 pm on Saturdays (audience Viewership 400,000-500,000) and in Manhattan on channel 56 Time Warner at 10:30pm on Saturdays (Audience Viewership 600,000-750,000).

The mission of G.I.N. TV and Entertainment is to understand and analyze life through elements of entertainment and culture. The GinTV.com website will compliment its efforts by talking to everybody with a voice in entertainment and diverse beliefs. JP says, “If it’s large or small, we want to hear your views and see how it connects with others. That’s why we highlight people from underground entertainers to top notch A-listers…they have a voice you Get.It.In with them it’s the only way.”




GinTV.com Official Website

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