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Jahna Sebastian Releases New Single “Lift Me Up”

 photo Jahna-Sebastian-releases-new-single-lift-me-up_zpsd4fb9541.jpgComing off her performance with platinum selling English rock band Kasabian, at the legendary Glatonbury on the Pyramid Stage, London based singer, songwriter and producer Jahna Sebastian is back to release her new single “Lift Me Up”. The pop/hip-hop and R&B infused track which will be featured on her upcoming EP “I Am Free” which is scheduled to drop this July.  The record was produced, written, recorded, mixed and arranged by the lovely songstress in her studio in London, Multivizion Music.

“Lift Me Up” is a phenomenal song with an uplifting message about self motivation when you are feeling down for the count. Ms. Sebastian states, “It is about achieving personal freedom through accepting that just when it might seem that the world is falling apart there could be another choice we could make and that is the one that could eventually lead us to a brighter future and living in a more pleasant present. It is that kind of freedom of very personal choice”.


In an industry where artist are a dime a dozen, Jahna Sebastian stands out not only because she is extremely talented and beautiful but because she hones her craft. She is passionate about her music and strives for perfection in all her work.



Click the link below to listen to “Lift Me Up” on soundcloud 




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