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5 Questions With Avery Sunshine

 photo 5-questions-with-avery-sunshine-the-industry-cosign_zps79aa91b4.jpg1. What gives you inspiration to, not only perform music, but to create it?

LIFE EXPERIENCES inspire me to create music and my love for interacting with people inspires me to perform.

And how is your approach when you’re in creative mode?

I may start with piano or Dana may start with some guitar chords. Other times, the lyrics come first. It really varies.

 2. How did you and Dana ‘BigDane’ Johnson connect and when it comes to working together, how important is the chemistry and/or approach you have to the music being created?

We knew each other in college but started working together musically at St Paul AME Church in Atlanta Georgia.

We have similar musical tastes and are also similar in that we just wanna make music that feels and sounds good!

3. Tell us about The SunRoom, does the name have a meaning?

The SUNROOM is the name of our production and recording studio in Atlanta.

It represents the idea or concept of being open to creativity: A no judgment zone where you are free to BE.

What could we anticipate, sound-wise, from the project and was there any outside influence in terms of the overall sound?

Sound wise, we just tried to make music that we wanted and want to hear.

It’s just that simple. The influences range from Al Green to Minnie Riperton to BB King to Clark Sisters to the late 80’s early 90’s R&B.

4. In this day and age, it seems as if you have to have a ‘side hustle’ in order to be more accomplished. Is there anything else you do outside of the singing and songwriting for Avery*Sunshine?

In addition to the great job and joy of being a mom, I work as a choir director at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia.

Are there any future plans for anything and if so, what?

BigDane and I hope to possibly write and do production for other artists as well as get in to television!

5. Since you have a gospel track, Safe In His Arms, on this project, could we anticipate a complete gospel offering anytime in the future?

There is a strong possibility I could do a gospel project at some point.

We’ll see. 😉

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