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 photo levina-lye-the-industry-cosign_zps70dce74a.jpgBy Bobby J.

As one of the first media outlets to spot Levina Lye’s incomparable talent, we are proud to see how far she has come in a short period of time.  Her  debut project, Pieces of Me, she wrote and executive produced has received acclamations from music critics around the globe with singles charting overseas. Never one to forget those who have supported her career since the beginning, the  remarkable Bronx bred 23 year old  took a break from her #LoveIsSuicide tour to bring us up to date.


Now that you EP has received so much praise by so many music execs, how do you feel about the overall perception?

I think my EP has been well received by the people but most importantly it’s relatable. It was created to be real and people like that. I want people to know I’m no gimmick. I’m the real thing.

What is your favorite song off the EP and why?

Abandoned is my favorite song off the EP  because I really felt that way at one point. All the songs are written from the heart but Abandoned is so deep to me. The melody and harmonies make me love it even more.

As the executive producer, you arranged the songs in a specific order to narrate a story.  Please explain why it was important to you?

I always need things to make sense. Everything I do comes from a creative place. Pieces of Me tells my story of past experiences in order. It has its highs and its lows ,just like life.

Having written from personal experience, has completing Pieces of Me been therapeutic? If so, in what ways?

It definitely has helped me to move on and overcome past experiences. Writing Pieces of Me has taught me so many things about myself, most importantly how strong I really am. It’s a message to people that no matter how bad it seems sometimes, there is always a way to find positivity.

You have been performing all over NYC, what has the experience been like for you as an emerging artist?

It’s exciting and it is honestly so humbling. I get to do what I love and share my music with the world. It’s a beautiful thing to get up on a stage and have people appreciate my art.

What has been the biggest disappointment to you since the EP dropped?

I can honestly say there are no disappointments at all. I accomplished what I set out to do as far as completing the EP. I’m currently touring and I love it!  I tend to try and look for the best in every situation. I expect there to be doubters and people too proud to support but at the end of the day I know what it is. My talent and humility will speak for itself. Like my project manager/ partner says, “You have to take the sugar with the sh*t.”

As an acclaimed singer/songwriter, you have turned down several songwriting opportunities.  Can you explain why it so important that you perform your songs exclusively? Has there been any backlash?

My songs are so personal to me that I couldn’t imagine anyone else singing them. I hold my words close to heart and so they are really hard to let go. So far there’s been no negativity, I think my sentiments are appreciated.

You have accomplished so much in such a short period of time, what would you consider the key to your success?

I just stay focused on moving forward. This is my dream, my biggest passion in life, so I’m determined to make it happen.

One of the few independent artists to own their masters independently, what advice do you offer aspiring talent as far as business?

Do as much as you can on your own. Most importantly, invest in your dreams. It’s a beautiful feeling to make things happen. Remain consistent!

Are there plans for a complete project? If so, when?

I’m always working so new music is definitely on the way soon. I really want the world to hear Pieces of Me so that’s my main focus for now.


Shout outs? Shout out to #TeamLevinaLye My supportive family, and Be’n Original for believing in my dream.

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