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Mac N’ Cheese Sex: It’s What’s For Dinner


 photo mac-n-cheese-eva-said-it-the-industry-cosign_zps074a26ec.jpgBy Eva

When I think of mac ‘n cheese (spelled here in the warm, ooey gooey way intentionally), it’s like picturing a steaming bowl of “made-with-love” in my hand. I mean, it is perhaps THE most comforting of all the comfort foods. And what’s more comforting than a hot bowl of mac n’ cheese, right?

A hot bowl of mac n’ cheese sex.

I mean … a hot bed of mac n’ cheese sex. Assuming you can’t find a bowl to fit into. I mean… Anyway. I digress. But it’s real, kiddies. And there’s no processed cheese involved…unless you’re kinky like that. Freaks.

You ever just have a need for your partner? Not necessarily a lustful need, but an emotional need? A feeling that maybe you just need a naked, vaginal hug? Well, this is THAT sex. After a tough week of meetings, travel, and general grump and stress, I found myself tired and just wanting the naked closeness that only intimacy can provide. It wasn’t even about wanting to get off. Orgasm is a proven stress reliever to the body, but this time, my soul was stressed. We were beyond “I need a hug.” And the need was more about us being as close as two humans can physically be, in the most vulnerable way possible. There’s magical healing in the power of touch; a decompression and exhale that happens…and it presses a rest button somewhere in the universe that grounds me.

And this was the analogy the mister came up with: mac n’ cheese sex. (Yes, mac n’ cheese…because who wants meatloaf sex? Not even Meatloaf wants meatloaf sex…)

Much like comfort food, comfort sex is that warm, ooey gooey stuff that lets us know things are going to be okay after a rough patch, a bad day, a big argument. It’s the familiar and sweet sex, that doesn’t require acrobatics, high marks for technical achievement, or knowledge of any latest tips in Cosmo. Comfort sex is the two of you, connecting, however you connect (with or without powdered cheese packets), via the physical closeness and intimacy you already share and enjoy.

Mac n’ cheese sex says “We’re safe and at home in our “us” that belongs to just us.” You can’t really have mac n’ cheese sex with a one night stand or as a fling. There has to already be the thick, buttery lube sauce between you that’s already holding you together. You get me?

On the other hand, just like you can’t have mac n’cheese at every meal, you can’t have mac n’ cheese sex at every…uhh…sexing. That’s not mac n’ cheese – that’s boring. You’ve got to have other meals in your repertoire. Light snacks, a naughty dessert, early morning breakfast… A healthy sex life is varied and fun, so spice it up with bacon and bondage whatever tickles your fancy!

Now don’t misunderstand: sex doesn’t fix or heal everything in a relationship, or in life in general. Real issues still need to be addressed and real wounds still need to be healed. Sex alone can’t do that. But, my goodness, doesn’t it help make it better?

If the sex you’re having isn’t helping to make it better, you’re having the wrong sex. Go flip open the cookbook…and make sure you’ve got plenty butter. =P

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