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It Needs To Be CED: A Mother’s Love

 photo a-mothers-love-the-industry-cosign-ceditorial_zps86f214f6.jpgI’m on the train, on my way to work and I see two pregnant women and a young mother with her two children in the same car. Initially, I didn’t give it much thought until I saw how the young kids were being lovingly innocent in the company of their mother. I also noticed how affectionate and caring she was towards them and I couldn’t help but think of what a mother’s love could do for and to a child. Then I start to wonder how our world could be the way it is if this is the start a child gets from his mother.

The strength of a woman can be unbelievably strong in the midst of what she goes through in her life, this is evident. I can attest that as much as I equally loved both my mother and father, I know for a fact I inherited my mother’s strength and as many barriers I’ve faced in life and the struggles I’ve been through, I made it because of that same strength I saw and continue to see in her.

Our strength, or lack of it, makes or breaks us, but, it’s commonplace that most people credit getting theirs from their mothers. No, this isn’t a scientific  finding, I’m basing it off of the experiences I’ve been involved in and what I hear on numerous award shows when people are accepting their wins, thanking, of course, after God, their mothers first. I mean, Mother’s Day is DEFINITELY a bigger and much more heralded day than Father’s Day, so, my assumption has a lot of validity.

All I can say is, if you are a mother, stay strong, if not just for yourself, for your children. And if you still have your mother, appreciate her strengths, even if you felt she lacked some, she had to have enough to birth you….

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