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It Needs To Be CED: Sweating the Small Things

 photo obama-latte-salute-the-industry-cosign_zps11c3df77.jpgTechnology and advances in basically anything in society is typically good but at the same time, attention spans have lessened and pettiness has risen. We live in a society that rewards ignorance more than moralistic achievements. Charity and good will is ignored while ‘ratchetness’ is highly compensated. You know what I’m talking about so no example is needed.

It’s also a shame that people complain about the smallest and dumbest things, all for a chance to be heard or to air pettiness at opponents or those who don’t agree with their agenda. It was reported nationally that President Obama performed a ‘latte salute’ to some Marines as he stepped off Air Force recently. The president of the United States salutes albeit with a coffee cup in his hand and people are outraged?!?! Seriously?

When did society become so sensitive and petty? Just because you don’t like someone doesn’t mean you have to obsess about what is perceived as wrong or non traditional. If he didn’t salute at all, then, although still not newsworthy, it would be a little more understandable.

That is just one example of people not seeing the bigger picture in the grand scheme of things. I’ve also noticed that if someone doesn’t like or care for you, any excuse will be used to find fault even when things are going well. I’d like to focus on the positives than to nitpick on things that, in the long run, has no bearing on what is being done correctly.

Such is the world we live in……

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