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Green Technology Pioneer Onaje Jackson Launches Indiegogo Campaign to Fund S.A.F.E Earth Web Portal

Sustainable Action for Everyone (S.A.F.E) Puts Going Green at Your Fingertips
 photo Onaje-Jackson-Launches-Indiegogo-Campaign-to-Fund-SAFE-Earth-Web-Portal-the-industry-cosign_zps72265f72.jpg
September 28th, Atlanta, GA – On September 3oth, International Sustainability and Green Technology pioneer, Onaje Jackson, announces the unveiling of the Sustainable Action For Everyone Program (S.A.F.E Earth) and will launch their much anticipated Indiegogo campaign. S.A.F.E Earth is a first of its kind, website designed to support the growth of a global grass roots sustainability movement that will bring about global balance.  The online portal will make available all of the necessary tools to save Mother Earth and place them right at your fingertips.  It includes a resource center designed to provide technical support for both the collective and individuals that are committed to the cause, as well as big bold apps that gives you step by step instructions on everything you ever wanted to know about being green on and off line.

The Honorable Donna Christiansen, US Virgin Islands Delegate to the US Congress says, “S.A.F.E Earth is an idea whose time has come. It offers practical tools urgently needed to protect the future of our global community.”

Joining the sustainable action team and going green will be as easy as social media.  Sustainable Systems and Design International (SSDI) will roll out a comprehensive sustainability support program designed to bring Sustainable Action For Everyone utilizing a variety of tools including a resource center that includes affordable apps, a guide to sustainable action, on-line webinars, and product advertising sales. S.A.F.E. Earth seeks to support the global collective action that will help make this audacious goal a reality.



About Onaje Jackson

Mr. Jackson is a 25 plus sustainability pioneer. He is a graduate of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Yale University with Degrees in Architecture and Applied Science and City Planning. He has served multiple terms on the Boards of Directors of the American Solar Energy Society, the Caribbean Solar Energy Society, and the Yale African American Cultural Center, He has lectured extensively in the US and the Caribbean on renewable energy and sustainable development.

Some of his most notable projects include the organization of the  1st US PV Think Tank workshop to explore integration of PV technology in buildings, organized a sustainable water infrastructure project for the World Bank, leading the team that designed and installed wind and solar powered water delivery systems for the interior Amerindian village of Annai in Guyana.  .

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