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MTV “MAKING THE BAND 2” Star CHOPPER CITY set to release new single “1 Thang” feat. Magnolia Chop

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October 30, 2014 – New York, NY – Rap star Chopper City, formerly of MTV’s “Making the Band 2” and the hip hop group Da Band, is set to release his latest single, “1 Thang” on iTunes in November. A hard-hitting first single,“1 Thang,” is a new start for Chopper and a strong kick off forWOODSTOCK, his new full length studio CD due out in January 2015.
Chopper  City was formerly known as Chopper Young City during his days with the Bad Boy Records’ group Da Band – a Sean “Diddy” Combs-conceived hip hop group whose lives were the focus of the Diddy-produced MTV reality series “Making the Band 2.”  The series was the highest rated show on the network in its 3 seasons.  Coming to an end in 2004, it fueled the release of the gold-certified CD from the group “Too Hot for TV.” A solo deal with Bad Boy later brought Chopper fans the hit solo single, “Lil Daddy,” featuring Jody Breeze and a very young Lil Wayne, and also landed on the soundtrack for the hit film “Hustle & Flow.”

Dropping the “Young” from his name several years ago, Chopper City, born Kevin Barnes in New Orleans Louisiana, has come a long way from the volatile 18 year old reality star known just as much for brawling with his cast-mates as he was for rhyming with them.
Now 28, grown up and focusing on staying of trouble, Chopper’s new single “1 Thang” tells us where he is in his life right now.  Featuring protégé Magnolia Chop the single marks a new direction for the rapper.  Chopper has spent the last year in the studio, head down, and hard at work on the tracks that make up WOODSTOCK  .  Woodstock , the historic art and music festival of 1969, represents good music, positive energy, freedom of creativity and peace – all the things Chopper is focusing on right now.
His loyal fans have followed his underground career over the years, supporting his 7+ successful volumes of M.O.E. (Money Over Everything) Mixtapes and 15+ other Mixtape projects, countless music videos, and the Third Eye Open Project, a collaboration with the Trapoholics, which spawned more than 10 hot underground singles and music videos with more than 20 million views collectively on the popular hip hop music site WorldstarHipHop.com.
With M.O.E., Third Eye Open, and hot singles like “Hitchhike, ” “OMG,” “Married to the Money” and “M.O.E.” bubbling up from the hip hop underground, Chopper has kept his loyal fans satisfied while attracting a whole generation of hip hop fans in both the US and Europe.  His new music has taken him around the world in recent years, with regular performances in Düsseldorf , Berlin and Frankfurt , Germany as well as Alberta , Toronto and Calgary , Canada , Tokyo , and all over the US .
Chopper keeps busy on Twitter (@iamch0pper) keeping his 440,000* followers abreast of new music, videos and performances.
WOODSTOCK is Chopper’s most anticipated release yet and features promising club bangers like “Aye,” “Enough” featuring Christian, “OMG,” featuring Hollywood Leek and “Handle Your Business,” to name a few.  Showing his maturity, the CD is some of Chopper’s best work to date.
WOODSTOCK is a long time in the making, and a long way from “Making the Band.”
Follow Chopper on Twitter @iamch0pper
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