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Ghostface Killah Album Sampler Mixed by DJ 7L ’36 Seasons’ (Out December 9th)

36seasons Poster

Ghostface Killah ’36 Seasons’ Album Sampler Mixed by 7L

Ghostface Killah: “Love Don’t Live Here No More” [ft. Kandace Springs]

New York NY (November 14, 2014)—

On December 9th, Ghostface will release his latest project, a revenge concept album, entitled 36 Seasons. The album was produced by The Revelations, a Brooklyn NY based soul band/production team. They were joined on select tracks by The 45 King, Fizzy Womack (a/k/a Lil Fame of M.O.P) and Malik Abdul-Rahmaan. See below for complete production credits. A “snippet tape” of the album, mixed by DJ 7L, was released today.

Wes Mingus of The Revelations offers some inside on the unique production process behind 36 Seasons:

From the beginning, it was obvious that 36 Seasons was no ordinary hip-hop project. The initial meeting of the minds was not one that discussed producers, MC’s, or beats. Rather, the table was set for the album by Matthew Rosenberg, a comic book writer whose story would become the narrative backdrop of 36 Seasons. The Ghostface Killah had been re-imagined as a sort of hip-hop superhero for the 21st century–a Staten Island vigilante inspired by a quest for personal retribution and bent on saving his community from the grips of crooked authority and urban decay. This story, told in fifteen stanzas, became the lyrical and musical backdrop for the songs on the album.

Musically, it was decided at the beginning that this would be a very non-traditional, more organic hip-hop album– one where all of the sounds created would be by real players, on real instruments, while still maintaining the spirit and boom-bap purity of classic hip-hop. No digital keyboards or samplers were used. Everything would be analog. All “samples” would be extracted from original music performed by live musicians–Brooklyn soul band The Revelations. While the natural performance and fluidity of a live band is evident on songs like It’s A Thin Line Between Love and Hate and the curtain-closing A Love For All Seasons, the beats of the other songs adhere more closely to the traditional sound of producer’s machine-derived beat. Only in this case, The Revelations become the beat machine, capable of creating an infinite amount of sounds or “samples” to be used as the sonic tapestry for the song at hand. The result is a unique, organic sound that owes greatly to traditional, sample-based beat making, but with the warmth and humanity of a crack musical, ensemble cast. Just as the rappers play characters in this story, The Revelations set the stage sonically to reflect the given musical journey that is 36 Seasons.

Between the lines, the album also tells the story of The Revelations themselves as a band. Emerging in 2008, the band then featured Tre Williams as lead vocalist, who appears on the opening track of the album. Josh Werner, the group’s original bass player, also returned for the project to cover the lion’s share of the low-end duties. The Revelations’ history of providing hip-hop instrumentals for Wu-Tang, Cormega, M.O.P. and many more is refined and distilled here. And The Revelations’ current singer, Rell, who is also featured on the album, brings the story up-to-date, conveying a tale of evolution, not just of the Ghostface Killah, but the band itself.

‘36 Seasons’ track list with production credits:

1. The Battlefield [GFK / Kool G Rap / AZ / Tre Williams]

Produced by Fizzy Womack and The Revelations

2. Love Don’t Live Here No More [GFK / Kandace Springs]

Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations

3. Here I Go Again [GFK / AZ / Rell]

Produced by Fizzy Womack and The Revelations

4. Loyalty [Kool G Rap / Nems]

Produced by The Revelations

5. It’s A Thin Line Between Love And Hate [The Revelations]

Produced by The Revelations

6. The Dog’s of War [GFK / Shawn Wigs / Kool G Rap]

Produced by The Revelations

7. Emergency Procedure [GFK / Pharoahe Monch]

Produced by The Revelations

8. Double Cross [GFK / AZ]

Produced by The Revelations

9. Bamboo’s Lament [Kandace Springs]

Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations

10. Pieces of the Puzzle [GFK / AZ]

Produced by The Revelations

11. Homicide [GFK / Nems / Shawn Wigs]

Produced by Malik Abdul-Rahmaan and The Revelations

12. Blood in the Streets [GFK / AZ]

Produced by The 45 King and The Revelations

13. Call My Name [GFK]

Produced by The Revelations

14. I Love You For All Seasons [The Revelations]

Produced by The Revelations

Album Produced by The Revelations with Andrew Kelley, Daniel Schlett and Fizzy Womack

Recorded and Mixed by Daniel Schlett at Strange Weather, Brooklyn NY

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