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“Sha Raps About His Past Life on “Patrick Ewing”


Growing up in the “Killa Hill” section of Staten Island, NY, ignited the poetic drive in Washington DC native, SHA.

He looked up to rap gurus NAS, Jay-Z, Wu-Tang, Cam’Ron and Mase, among others.

SHA’s idea of success wasn’t fame. He was content with accomplishing his goals, and goals he had.

The 25 year old opened a 99 Cent store in 2009. With the knowledge and resources garnered with the start-up and prior music industry experience interning at Universal Music Group, SHA decided to expand with the launch of his recording studio Strikkly Stakkin in 2012.

SHA soon after created his label imprint and named it after his studio.  Both Strikkly Stakkin Records and online entertainment publication StrikklyHipHop.com were followed by debut mixtape  “Mr. 225 Vol. 1.” released through the label.

The mixtape’s premier single “Patrick Ewing” is about SHA’s “past life” he says.

For more information on Sha visit:



Patrick Ewing Video Link

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