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Wyclef Jean & Carlos Santana join Bang & Olufsen’s Living Room Tour!

This December Bang & Olufsen presents a rare and exclusive insight into the music and mind of guitar legend Carlos Santana.

 photo Wyclef-carlos-Santana-JamSession-the-industry-cosign_zps2a147ca9.jpg

New York/Los Angeles/Copenhagen/Struer, December 9, 2014
In 2013, the first instalment of Bang & Olufsen’s Living Room Tour featured an interview hosted by Zane Lowe and a live performance in London with the honourable Paul McCartney, which was launched via its website to music lovers all over the world.

Now the Living Room Tour is back on the road with a new and soulful session. Grammy Award-winning artist and producer Wyclef Jean will be hosting a musical journey with Carlos Santana and his beloved guitar, one of the most recognizable sounds in popular culture. The first installment is set for release on December 9th, with more videos to come throughout December and January; those videos can be found here.


Bang & Olufsen’s Living Room Tour offers music lovers and audio aficionados all over the world rare and intimate access to exceptional musical talent and reflections on natural sound from iconic names in the industry. The sessions include exclusive performances and behind-the-scenes footage made available across Bang & Olufsen’s blog as well as Facebook and Twitter.


“We are truly excited about working with Carlos Santana on the latest edition of The Living Room Tour. It is a collaboration that connects music fans all over the world with spectacular artists who share our passion for great sound and unrivalled craftsmanship. The intimate sessions at the same time prove to be an enriching journey into new genres and musical heritages for Bang & Olufsen,” states Marie Schmidt, VP Brand, Design & Marketing at Bang & Olufsen.


“The Living Room Tour is all about sitting in with the artist, sharing stories and engaging in an informal ‘jam session’. Carlos Santana is a legend; he transcends musical genres – so watch out for this new episode of The Living Room Tour. It is going to be epic, it is going to be exciting!” says Jean.

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