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The Industry Cosign’s Top Ten Magazines (Reposted from The Industry Cosign- August 19, 2004)

November 1, 2011 Leave a comment

 (Reprinted with permission from the original author, BIG CED, from August 19, 2004)

OK, I’m back and I think I’m staying this time! Between trying to bring great writers and content to the site and the overall business of the site, I have neglected my duties as an All Around Good Guy. I am bringing back the Top Ten list! And more blaring Cedit, oops, I mean, more interesting topics and discussions that Needs To Be Ced!

Anyway, we all read or at least we should all be reading and i have soooooooo many magazine subcriptions that I can open up my own newstand! With that being CED, here are 10 of my favorite magazines! (In no particular order!)

1. Vibe– The leader in urban entertainment, you can’t front! A good set of writers and stability.
2. XXL– Arguably, the best Hip-Hop magazine currently on newstands, The YN, Elliot Wilson, arrogant and all (and with every reason to be!), sets the tone and raises the bar when it comes to journalism and not holdiing tongues!
3. Blender– A good music magazine that usually has a great number of reviews in each issue. Read more…

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