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Your Will is YOUR Way! – Daily Word December 11, 2014

December 11, 2014 Leave a comment

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Happy Thursday my creatures of uncompromising will! Welcome to the day you realize that within you lies your greatest source of power to achieve anything you want in life! Today’s Daily Word is dedicated to your will! Those who really want something make it happen, those who don’t make excuses! If you are willing then you are able… Simple as that! “Nothing Can Stop You But YOU!” is not just a cool saying, it is a thought process and a way of life! Krishna once said “Reshape yourself through the power of your will… Those who have conquered themselves…live in peace, alike in cold and heat, pleasure and pain, praise and blame…To such people a clod of dirt, a stone, and gold are the same…Because they are impartial, they rise to great heights.” As you continue to journey towards your greatness remember that the only thing it takes to be the best that you can possibly be is to make a decision to do so! Stop allowing the noise of the outside world cripple you from achieving your highest heights! Your Will is Your Way!! Tap into your inner power and maximize your full potential!
-Ash’Cash (@IamAshCash) Read more…


::POOF!:: The Magician’s Disappearing Acts

May 23, 2012 Leave a comment

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By Eva Said It

…no, we’re not actually talking about mine, wiseass. We’re talking about your girlfriend’s. Or ex-girlfriend. Or YOU. Read on.

There’s one in every group of girls.  You were everywhere, doing everything while she was single…but as soon as she gets a boyfriend… ::POOF!:: Who is she? Ladies and gentlemen, I give you “The Magician”. The penis appears, and she disappears.  No sign of her pre-peen life and interests remain. Don’t be that chick. PLEASE. I really can’t stand/can’t respect her. And neither can her friends. The difference between them and me? They can’t tell her because she’ll call them “haters”…so forward this blog to her needy ass and increase my hits… Read more…

What The Ha-yell! Only 3 Good Black Men For Every 100 Women

September 28, 2011 Leave a comment

By Dr. Boyce

black love and relationships - finding a good black manI recently read about a “study” that was conducted by that seemed to get the attention of quite a few readers.  In this “study” (and I keep using this term loosely for obvious reasons), it was determined that there are only three qualified black men for every 100 black women.   The study uses the following criteria to determine if a black man is worthy of having a mate:

1) He is heterosexual

2) Is interested in black women

3) Has a high school diploma

4) Earns over $30,000 per year

5) Is not obese

6) Does not have kids with another woman Read more…

How Long Should a Crush Last? (Love Me/Love Me Not)

July 12, 2011 Leave a comment

do you like me yes or no

Dear NWSO,

I tried to submit my question to you through Formspring but it was too long. So here goes: I’ve liked this guy for over three years so it’s too long to be just a crush. I don’t know how he feels about me because I never asked him mainly because I’m scared of the answer.

Our friendship has lasted through crazy girlfriends and small arguments. At one point he asked me if I liked him and I said, “Yes.” Then, my guard went up and insecurity took over and instead of asking him how he felt about him I said, “I don’t expect anything in return.” He didn’t speak to me for a few days after that conversation and a lot of time has passed since that then. Read more…

Can a Woman Be Happy Without a Man in Her Life?

June 23, 2011 4 comments


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Ladies, do you suffer from that infamous curse of the single? Do people stare at the invisible S on your chest as if it is a Scarlet Letter burning through your soul? People have been writing about us—the single ladies—forever. How they pity us and how we need to compromise our standards to get the “right” guy. Well, I say kiss my behind and let me enjoy being single. Stop looking upon me and my girls as if we’re riddled with an infectious disease. It’s called singlehood and for those of you in the company of misery try it sometimes—trust me, you’ll like it. Read more…

Can a Man Ever Love the Other Woman? (Mistress Distress)

June 21, 2011 Leave a comment


Dear NWSO,

I’m writing to you because I’m in a complicated situation. I’m really not sure of how to get myself out of it or even if I want to so here goes: I broke up with my fiancé a year and a half ago. We were having a lot of trouble and a couple of months after we broke up I met this guy. When I met the new guy right off the bat he told me that he had a girlfriend and that they been together for four years. Honestly, I thought that it was going to be a fling but here I am going on two years and we are still involved with each other.

The “I love yous” started and we spend a lot of time together—we see each other very frequent, we talk on the phone every day and our connection is very strong. He has never once treated me like the “other woman.” We share the same interests, we go out and every time we’re together and “she” calls he never answers. He gives me that respect, if that make any sense. Read more…

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