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Strength of Nature Launches & Web Series “The Dish”

March 18, 2014 Leave a comment

STRENGTH OF NATURE LAUNCHES BLOG DEDICATED TO HAIR TEXTURE: TALKINGTEXTURE.COM aims to become #1 online destination for natural hair dialogue



September 25, 2013 Leave a comment


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(ATLANTA, GA – September 16, 2013) – Desirable Magazine has decided to change things up a bit and revamp their entire magazine layout and who better than to have on the Cover to introduce this amazing change for the better than the beautiful and talented actress, LisaRaye McCoy.  The Luxury Fashion Magazine’s Brand Manager, Lydia Pierre, who is based in Atlanta, had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. LisaRaye who recently covered Ebony Magazine alongside Chaka Khan and Jurnee-Smollett Bell. “I haven’t done this since my last cover with Ebony, so this is big for me!” said LisaRaye when speaking on the Desirable Covershoot.  Having the honor of having LisaRaye team up with Desirable Magazine to launch this very new and eye-catching layout is something that the magazine hopes will help take it to a whole new level. “LisaRaye effortlessly stunned everyone on set with her god-bearing talents, her beauty and her energy”, says Lydia. The concept behind Desirable Magazine is to showcase a side of individuals that no one has ever seen before by taking them outside of their comfort zone, and once again, they nailed it and this time, with LisaRaye!
Desirable Magazine’s interview with the beautiful star focuses on LisaRaye past, present and future in fashion. The Issue is scheduled to be released in November 2013. Read more…

Iman, Others To Be Honored in NYC By BRAG

September 24, 2013 1 comment


Iman, CEO & Founder of Iman Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrances will be honored with the BRAG Legacy Award

New York, NY ( — Today, BRAG announced three exceptional honorees for the organization’s 43rd Annual Scholarship and Awards Gala. Terry Lundgren, Chairman, President and CEO of Macy’s Inc., will receive the BRAG Business Achievement Award, and Iman, CEO & Founder of Iman Cosmetics, Skincare and Fragrances will be honored with the BRAG Legacy Award. Additionally, for the first time in BRAG’s history, a graduate of the BRAG internship program will be honored. Alain Lafontant, who graduated from the internship program in 1996, went on to successfully ascend the ranks to become Vice President of Brand Development for Sean John. For his remarkable achievements, he will receive the BRAG Special Recognition Award. The black tie gala will be held at the Marriott Marquis in Manhattan on Thursday, October 17th, beginning with the cocktail reception at 6:00pm and program at 7:00pm. Read more…

Sunset City Nails Kicks Off LA Fashion Week with Luxury Spa Event

October 18, 2012 Leave a comment

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LA Fashion weeks brings out some of the freshest faces in fashion, and Sunset City Nails kicked off the affair with a luxury pamper parlour special for our friends in media, and a few of our celebrity friends showed up as well.  The oriental themed layout was the back drop as an assemblage of Hollywood Stylists, Bloggers, Editors, Writers, Entertainment Lawyers, Directors and Producers, enjoyed a full service package including the ultimate in manicure/pedicure make-up and massage treatments by some of LA’s best in luxury pampering services.
Event sponsor, Chambord Vodka toasted the onset of fashion week and took the chill off of the guests who weathered the rain to get the luxury services.  Motives by La-La provided beautiful make-up treatments while their newly opened neighbor’s, Pizza Rev,  provided guest with specialty build your own personal gourmet pizzas.

Some of those in attendance included Actress Joely Fisher (Ellen) Hannah Corrnett (Hawaii Five-O) Wesley Jonathan (Soul Man) Chris Pontius (Jackass) Beth Payne (Sons of Anarchy) Angela De Silva (Two Broke Girls) Nikki Gray (Model) and Los Angeles Radio Personality Nautica De La Cruz Read more…

Little Black Girls With Natural Hair: Lessons On Touching, Rocking and Loving Kinks & Curls

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment

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She was in her early 30s when she passed away from complications associated with diabetes and we were all in deep mourning as we sat in her mother’s living room, waiting for the limousine that would ride us to her farewell. Memories were exchanged. There were tears, of course. And then all attention fell on us. Specifically, my baby daughter, barely two years old, and her hair. Read more…

Zwitterionic Surfactants: A Milder Alternative?

July 17, 2012 Leave a comment

by Tonya McKay of NaturallyCurly

In recent months, we have taken an in-depth look at the structure and properties of cationic and nonionic surfactants. Another interesting category of surfactants used in both hair and skin care are the zwitterionic ones, those that naturally have two charges on the molecule, both positive and negative. These are attractive to the formulator due to their tendency to boost effects of other surfactants in the solution, as well as an ability to ameliorate undesirable properties of some surfactants, such as skin irritation and a tendency to strip the hair and skin of too much moisture. One familiar surfactant of this type is cocamidopropyl betaine, which is appreciated by many curly-haired consumers for its gentle, yet effective, cleansing capabilities.

What are they?
Read more…

10 Brand New Swatch Chrono Plastic Designs!

June 28, 2012 1 comment


Swatch’s ever-growing global fan base desires and deserves a constantly changing choice of watches to adorn the most on-trend wrists worldwide. Ensuring these enthusiasts are regularly stimulated and surprised is, of course, extremely important to the iconic Swiss watch and jewellery maker, evidenced by the regular unveiling of new Swatch collections which always disclose dynamic details, cool colours, fun-packed fashionability and stunning styles.

Chrono Plastic is no exception to the sky-high standard long-established by Swatch. Produced to the finest levels of technical excellence, demonstrating the attention to detail and innovation that characterizes all Swatch products, this collection of ten new watches boasts a sumptuous and ‘must-have’ selection of soft hues and hot colours all designed to delight in different ways. Read more…

A Dad’s Plea: Let Our Little Girls Stay Little for As Long As We Can

March 24, 2012 Leave a comment

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Am I a prude if I think fourth- and fifth-grade girls shouldn’t be in makeup and high heels? Clearly, my thinking is not in line with plenty of other parents out there, judging by the heels, eye shadow, blush and lipstick I saw a few weeks ago at the Daddy-Daughter Valentine’s Day Dance at my fourth-grade daughter’s elementary school here in Georgia.

To put it bluntly, the little girls looked ridiculous, stumbling and clacking around the gym floor in heels that they had no idea how to negotiate. And as for the make-up? I just shake my head. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think there’s anything quite as pure and lovely as the innocent beauty of a nine-year-old girl—complete with all the goofy grins, loud burps, occasional eye boogers and leftover food remnants dotting the chin and maybe even the forehead. Makeup and food remnants don’t go together at all. Fourth-grade girls are still blissfully unaware of their rapidly approaching entry into the world of makeup, body angst and ultra self-awareness.

We practically have to bribe our little one, bless her heart, not to fart at the table when we’re eating out at a restaurant. One of her proudest talents is the ability to conjure up massive burps on cue—she can give me a run for my money even after I’ve downed a bottle of beer. What can I say—my girl is talented. Read more…

Natural Hair Community Gets New Products

February 24, 2012 1 comment


— Created Without Five Ingredients Common in Hair Care —

Nothing But is Sofn’free’s response to the natural-hair community call for affordable, textured-hair products made without certain ingredients. Read more…

Cree Summer Talks Natural Hair and Mommyhood

January 17, 2012 1 comment

By Curly Nikki

Cree Summer, one of the original natural hair idols, is On The Couch! And being the big kid that I am, I must say that it was pretty damn cool speaking with the woman behind Susie Carmichael, *whispers loudly* the only brown Rugrat. Her voice has breathed life into countless cartoon characters, but many remember her as the cute and quirky Freddie, from ‘A Different World’. During the interview she dished about her new baby girl, Brave, the resulting ‘Mom Bun’, and revealed that despite making a positive impact and being identified by her curly hair on ‘A Different World’, she wasn’t really feeling it. Enjoy!

Read more…

Curly Caregivers- A Book Scholarship

December 21, 2011 Leave a comment

Most of you know me as CurlyNikki – natural hair advocate and Gia’s slave mom. But if you couldn’t tell from the ‘on the couch’ theme, I’m also The Licensed Psychotherapist Formerly known as Alicia (my gub’ment name). And as inspired by Prince, I’m working on a symbol… hmm, maybe a fro. But I digress.

I work primarily with women struggling with issues related to interpersonal relationships, anxiety, depression, body image disorders and PTSD. When the Hubs and I finally pick a city and stay put, I have plans to open my own practice. Psychology is my first love and no matter where this fantabulous CurlyNikki ride takes me, I will always be a therapist.
Read more…

Essential Hair Tips- Natural Hair

December 20, 2011 Leave a comment

by Lisa Michelle via

Your natural hair is beautiful, versatile and stylish, but it can take a bit of effort and lots of love to achieve your best curls. If I had to pick some of the most important tips for type 4 hair to help retain length, maintain styles beyond the first day and foster all-around healthy curls, these would be them. I have no doubt that you will adopt your own top tips along your natural hair journey too!

Natural Hair Regimen Read more…

Holiday Gift Ideas for Natural Divas

November 27, 2011 1 comment

by Jamila of College Curlies


Hey y’all! The holidays are right around the corner, and what better way to pamper your friends and family than with some treats for those delicious curls? Here are some fun gift ideas for natural hair:

Make it! Read more…

Goapele Talks Natural Hair & Mommyhood

October 23, 2011 1 comment

by Angela of Wisecurls

Dubbed as the spiritual love child of Sade and D’Angelo by Rolling Stone, Goapele has a voice that is unmistakable. With a highly anticipated album set to give us eargasms galore, Goapele talks Break Of Dawn, Natural Hair & Mommyhood with WiseCurls. Enjoy!

WC: 10/24. Break Of Dawn. What was the concept behind the album and what makes this album different from previous albums?

G: The concept for this album was to put out good soulful music to share where I am now and give people something that they can feel. Read more…

Old School Practices You Should Consider Ditching

October 7, 2011 2 comments

by Tammy Goodson of Curlychics

1. Using “grease” to oil your scalp (Blue Magic, Ultrasheen, etc.)
This very old school practice was once considered a treat and darn near a religious experience to have someone “grease your scalp”. Most little girls spent Saturday afternoons between their mother’s legs with a jar in tow. It was supposed to treat dry scalp, add sheen and provide nourishment to the hair strands.
Reasons to Reconsider
• Clogs the pores
• Attracts dirt
• Weighs down tresses leaving a greasy feeling

2. Scratching dandruff
This old school practice often went hand in hand with old school practice #1. This is the act of going through the hair section by section with a comb and scratching the partings in the hair, thus lifting all the dandruff and dry flakes from the scalp.

Reasons to Reconsider Read more…

Black Co. Launches 100% Salt Body Scrubs

September 14, 2011 1 comment


— Body scrubs are very effective with healing dry skin, stretch marks and scars, flushing out toxins, reducing inflammation, removing dead skin, and more. —

Atlanta, GA( — Mikios Natural Body Scrub LLC, a small company based in Georgia opened its doors for business with five 100% natural high quality salt body scrubs. Flavors include Peppermint, Coconut, Strawberry, Vanilla, and the company signature flavor called Tropical Yummy. Read more…

Mocha City Beauty Lounge Debuts In Illinois

August 16, 2011 1 comment

Get ready to experience a chic, new and distinctly inviting full-service salon where luxury, pampering and style are delivered to each guest in abundance.

The Mocha City Beauty Lounge opened its doors in June 2011 by owner Dr. Tchicaya Ellis Roberston, an entrepreneur and 15 year marketing and research expert who saw a need, had a vision, and carries a passion for creating business opportunities for professionals, and quality services for deserving clients.

This lofty and luxurious beauty lounge occupies nearly 5,000 square feet and offers world-class salon and spa services – specializing in natural and relaxed hair care along with nail, waxing, facial, and massage services. Top notch barbers are also on staff providing cuts, fades and shaves.
Read more…

On the Couch with Nidsy- A Dominican Curly

August 8, 2011 1 comment

On being curly in the Dominican Republic

I didn’t always like my curly hair. I’m Dominican and curly hair is not really seen as pretty down here… they call it ‘pelo malo’ (bad hair), which I find disturbing as my hair didn’t do anything wrong. Straight or straighter hair is called ‘pelo bueno (good hair), and is desired by the great majority.
Read more…

Shelli’s Pearls of Wisdom- Advice for New Naturals

August 3, 2011 1 comment

by Shelli of Hairscapades

A couple of months ago, I was having dinner with one of my best friend’s from college. She was natural all the way through school and then ended up relaxing her hair when she entered the corporate world. Last year, she returned to natural with a BC for personal reasons and has been growing it out ever since. However, she does go to a salon to straighten every couple of week. So, we haven’t hung out in almost a year and what do we start discussing first? HAIR!! LOL! She’s actually the one who turned me onto, so this is all her fault;-)! Anywho, she let me blab on and on about hair and asked me what she should do if she wants to wear her hair curly. Read more…

Curly Hair is SO… Distracting?

July 29, 2011 6 comments

Kamille writes;

Hi Nikki and fam! I found this article a while back and finally decided to send it in.

Wondering if anyone agrees with what the author is saying. Is she right? I think that sometimes our natural waves, kinks, coils, and curls can be distracting for people who just can’t seem to be able to focus on anything but our hair. And if it’s that much of a problem, we can always tuck it back so everyone can feel “relaxed” and “focused”. I just don’t like the overall tone of this article. I want to hear from the CN community! Read more…

Natural Hair is Just Not FLATTERING For Errbody…

July 18, 2011 1 comment

by KurlyBella of KisforKinky

The other day as I was standing in my mirror trying to decide if I want to cut my hair and if so, how I wanted to cut it, I thought back to my days with straight hair just last year – that last time I pressed. I look nice with my hair pressed out but as always, as soon as I press my hair and the feeling of the love I have for my straight hair subsides a few days later, I’m feening to go back to my kinky curls. Read more…

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