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A Black Mom’s Lament: How Can We Parents Stop Schools From Failing Our Kids?

February 23, 2012 2 comments

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By Kia Morgan Smith

Sometimes I just want to throw my hands up and ask why and walk out of my kids’ school with them in tow.

The work is not challenging, some of the teachers are uncaring and my kids are learning nothing more than how to answer test questions. I want them to be able to analyze, think deeply and be encouraged to be inquisitive. Shut up and sit down, should not be the vocabulary of the day. And insensitive test questions that reference counting how many slaves would get beat shows there’s a lack of cultural empathy and understanding.

But I’ve come to realize the sad reality that if you don’t have the dough to put your kids in a high-priced private school, then you probably have to settle for a half-baked public school education with a watered-down curriculum. See, the problem is that your child might get a good first-grade teacher, but then their burned-out second grade teacher with all of her mandates on test-taking and meeting AYP, will probably suck. Then the third grade teacher might be an OK educator fresh out the box, having recently graduated and all happy-go-lucky, but by the time Thanksgiving rolls around she’s done had it up to here being a teacher, counselor, referee and commander, and is calling out every other day—and the substitute who takes her place doesn’t really give a good hoot. Read more…

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