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Where The Hell I’ve Been

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment
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“You need to change the name of your site, because Eva hasn’t said SH*T lately…”

– my lawyer to me, right before the Valentine’s Day series

THIS negro… Dude really thinks he’s funny.  See how people talk to me? Hpmh. No respect at AWLLL. Remind me to not say sh*t about paying his invoices too, that is, if I was ever intending on cutting a check to begin with.  #ThugLife ::chuckles::

But yes, I did indeed take a long hiatus in posting. Somewhere around September, the world exploded on my calendar and writing for my site took a back seat. A far back seat. Like, a “sitting on the last bench with the bad kids” back seat. I hate when that happens.  Sometimes, it’s unavoidable though. Between writing for some paid assignments (YAY!), helping my son settle into 6th grade (not so YAY!), and traveling to and from Jamaica for family things, AND then the holidays…my schedule was WACKED. Read more…


A(nother) Valentine Tale of Woe: Today I Got Dumped, And Other Fine Stories

February 8, 2012 Leave a comment

By Eva

If you follow me on Twitter, then you probably saw my tweets announcing my Valentine’s Day Blog Series: Two Tales of Woe and One That Rocked.
This week, the second installment, but with a twist. Though my posts usually refer solely to romantic relationships, this one has elements of both. I was ready and prepared with my love-gone-awry tale when…well…you’ll see.

Without further adieu, I present “A(nother) Valentine’s Tale of Woe: Today I Got Dumped, And Other Fine Stories”.  Enjoy!

Read more…

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