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Suffer the Little Children: the Effect of Domestic Violence On Kids

November 1, 2014 Leave a comment

effects of domestic violence on children


Growing up in an abusive home, I saw the face of domestic violence in my mother. I saw it in my aunts and in my cousins. The need to love a man that is broken because you have no idea what love is. The desire to fix or heal that part of him because you think that is what marriage or relationship is supposed to be. The women in my family were “ride or die” before I even knew what that meant. They were literally willing to die at the hands of their man.

Each October we spend so much time focusing on Breast Cancer Awareness by turning everything pink, but what about turning it purple? Purple is the color of Domestic Violence Awareness. Which is also in the month of October. How many of you actually knew that? Not me. Not until recently.

The last eighteen months of my life have been about an evolution of change. Growing, learning and striving to be better. I’ve been digging up the roots of my past and trying to figure out why I am who I am. It’s been a journey of self-discovery and immense pain. The pain of violence that I had hidden away and didn’t want to share. Until now. Read more…


GRAMMY Nominated Recording Artist, Raheem Devaughn, Launches The LoveLife Foundation

April 25, 2014 4 comments


 photo raheem-devaughn-lovelife-foundation-the-indsutry-cosign_zps69e6aeb1.jpg

(New York, NY—April 25, 2014)- 3 Time Grammy Award Nominated Singer/Songwriter, Raheem Devaughn, is proud to announce the launch of his non-profit organization, The LoveLife Foundation.


Throughout his career, Raheem has become known for his socially conscious lyrics and commitment to a number of causes such as: HIV/AIDS Awareness, Domestic Violence, Mental Illness, Autism, Cancer, Education, Youth Programming, and Music & The Arts. The LoveLife Foundationis now an opportunity for him to impact the lives of others on a personal level.

Read more…

On Adrian Peterson’s Son, Abusive Boyfriends and Due Dilligence—For the Sake Of Your Child

October 16, 2013 Leave a comment

Adrian Peterson_Death of Son

Adrian Peterson’s son is gone from here—the 2-year-old victim of a senseless beating, allegedly at the hands of Joseph Patterson, the boyfriend of the little boy’s mom. And I can’t get that baby, the circumstances surrounding his death and especially his mother off my mind.

Details of what happened last week are scant; no one is even 100 percent certain, as news organizations have reported, if the toddler’s name is Ty and the mom’s name is Ann “Ashley” Doohen, or if it’s true that Patterson beat and choked the child after the mother left her son in the boyfriend’s care at her Sioux Falls, SD, home, or if there’s any truth to the rumors that Adrian Peterson, an NFL MVP running back who plays for the Minnesota Vikings, didn’t even know that child was his until three months ago or that he saw him for the first time on Friday, while the baby was on life support, fighting for his little life. Read more…

Does Love Truly Conquer All?

December 26, 2012 Leave a comment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBy BIG CED

Yes, by now, I’m sure you’ve seen the photos of Chris Brown and Rihanna sitting, happily, together at The Lakers-Knicks Christmas game yesterday. Some are disgusted, some are happy, most don’t care. It is what it is, but, looking back several years ago, this skeptic knew this scene would be what it was yesterday. As a matter of fact, I feel if it weren’t for public pressure, they would have been back together sooner.

Now, if you ask people around me who I’ve spoken to about the situation, they will tell you I’ve always stated that they never broke up! Yes, what happened was tragic, ridiculous and should never had happened. What’s even worse is that this is a common occurrence around the world daily. Couples fight, couples get entangled in violent confrontations, yet, because most aren’t celebrities, it doesn’t get reported and in a lot of cases, life goes on. Read more…

A Headbutt Hits Home

August 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

By Eva

This past week, the headbutt-heard-round-the-world between Evelyn Lozada and Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson has the subject of domestic violence all over the internet and in everyone’s conversations.  Twitter, Facebook, blogs – every place you look, folks are weighing in. Frankly, some of the rhetoric is disgusting.

Domestic violence, whether it happens to a reality personality or to your mother, is NOT funny. It’s just not. And there’s no such thing as a stereotypical victim. Any woman can be the face of domestic violence.

Even me. Read more…

Stand Your Ground, Domestic Violence and Black Ballerinas: Melissa Harris-Perry Talks Black Women

May 9, 2012 1 comment

By Denene Millner

Post image for Stand Your Ground, Domestic Violence and Black Ballerinas: Melissa Harris-Perry Talks Black Women Have I told you lately how much I super heart Melissa Harris-Perry?  Her self-titled show on MSNBCgives me life—not just because the Tulane professor is absolutely brilliant, but because she is one of the rare TV political analysts who actually talks masterfully—and gives a doggone—about issues affecting women in general and women of color in particular. Such was the case this past weekend, when she featured ballerina Misty Copeland and violinist Kelly Hall-Tompkins in a discussion about the importance of the arts for black children, and dedicated a significant portion of her show to the pathetic Stand Your Ground law that threatens to send Florida domestic abuse victim Marissa Alexander to prison for 20 years for firing a warning shot as her husband attacked her.

I don’t always get to tune into Melissa’s Sunday morning show—sometimes, church calls. But when I do watch, I’m consistently tickled by the subjects she chooses and the mastery, wit and humor she brings to the discussion. She won me over months ago when she spent almost the entirety of her show talking to a panel of African American and Latina mothers about our value—our purpose in the upcoming presidential elections, and why our struggles make us a key voice that politicians need to pay attention to. Sure, some of my MSNBC favs, like Rachel Maddow (I’m a total Maddow stan) and Ed Shultz train their laser-sharp analysis on issues relevant to our every day lives, but there’s something to be said for the nuanced perspective that comes when a smart black woman brings her experiences and thought process to the table. Read more…

I Made A Baby With the Devil: A Black Mom’s Story of Parenting and Domestic Abuse

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Post image for I Made A Baby With the Devil: A Black Mom’s Story of Parenting and Domestic Abuse


Many years ago, I met a man who seemed normal, but was actually the devil. Well, not literally the devil.  He was more like the guy the devil would turn to when he needed to be amused or inspired. This escaped me when we met and I fell in love with him. I thought, “Yes! This is who I wish to create a child with.”

I should have seen the red flags—there were plenty. I can see them clearly now, but the thing about red flags is that they wave quietly, like a soft whisper. Red flags should come with loud horns or a Justin Bieber CD—you know, something that makes the soul shudder and ache.  But no, they just wave back and forth like a gentle tropical breeze, caressing the illusion of happy and cloaking poor judgment.

When I was pregnant, my son’s DNA provider promised me that he would stop being verbally and physically abusive. I should have known he was lying when he also promised me world peace and a moon-walking Unicorn. Domestic abusers don’t stop the violence because their women are pregnant—in all-too-many cases, they increase it. But I believed every word he said. It was easier to believe and accept this fantasy instead of facing the life I had created for myself. Read more…

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