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Web Site Helps Job-Seeking Medical Professionals

November 17, 2013 Leave a comment


— Free service provides healthcare workers with the opportunity to list their resumes and search for desirable positions across the country. —

Fort Worth, TX ( – Surgical Connect announces the launch of its new website that brings together medical professionals seeking jobs and employers seeking qualified professionals.

The site,, gives health professionals of all disciplines the opportunity to post their resume free of charge using a quick and straightforward system and also search for medical jobs across the country.

The site allows them to personalize their resume profile and upload a picture, if they wish. Alternatively, they have the option of a privacy posting. Job-seekers can also create their own “Job Alert” email notifying them of the latest listings in their field. Read more…


Black Women’s Magazine Seeks Interns

August 6, 2013 Leave a comment


Nationwide( — Sister 2 Sister Magazine, a monthly four-color print and online magazine for urban African-American women, is now accepting interns for two of their programs – The Editorial Internship program and the Digital Media Internship program.

Both internships are available to college students whose course of study allows college credit for working in a journalism environment. The student must implement arrangements for credit, including reports to instructors.

Expectations for the Editorial Internship include: Assisting editors with duties such as reviewing transcripts and video footage, fact checking, researching, transcribing and reporting. Interns will learn valuable lessons about how a publication is put together, including research, writing, learning how to meet prompt deadlines and how to deliver multimedia content. Read more…

Guess What? Playing With Your Kids Can Help Your Job Performance

January 31, 2012 1 comment

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Sometimes science can deliver tasty little morsels of good news. Here’s the latest one I heard: playing with your kids can actually reduce your stress at work. Talk about your great two-for-one deals. Come on, that’s like saying that eating more chocolate cake can help you lose weight. That having more sex can make your marriage better. (Oh, wait, that one is true, isn’t it?)

When you’re a busy, overstressed parent, it seems like you spend half your time fussing with your kids, and the other half telling them you don’t have the time to do… whatever it is they are trying to get you to do at the moment. Kids being kids, their request usually has something to do with play. And according to a study of stress by scientists at the LIKES Foundation for Sport and Health Sciences in Finland, we should start agreeing to their play requests if we know what’s good for us. Participants in the study who engaged in more leisure-time physical activity showed lower amounts of job stress. How cool is that—the more we play, the less stress we exhibit on the job. Read more…

How to Negotiate a Higher Salary

December 2, 2011 Leave a comment

by Patrice C. Washington

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If you’ve already cut down weekly beauty regimens and Friday nights out on the town or totally cut off the luxury of cable television and still don’t feel a little relief, then the problem may not be your “outgo,” but your income. The recipe for financial success is the highest income you can achieve coupled with the lowest expenses you can maintain for your personal standard or quality of life.  For some reason, people always assume that means that they have to stretch the few hours they do have after a day job, children and church to create a side hustle. Although I love and indulge in the “hustle while you work” mentality, that’s not always the case.  Some can truly create additional income on the same job by negotiating a higher salary.

Disclaimer: If you are on your 2nd warning for coming into the office late, submitting incomplete work or anything that you know in your soul is workplace suicide and you’re still there merely by God’s grace, this information will not help you.  But, if you’ve been on your game, ask yourself these questions in order to prepare for your salary negotiation . . . .

11 Tips For The Unemployed

August 9, 2011 Leave a comment

By Ryan Mack

It seems there is a disconnect from what is being covered by financial news and what the public is really concerned about. You can’t turn on the financial news networks without hearing questions such as the following:

“Will the US raise its debt ceiling?”

“Will the tax cuts for the rich be extended?”

“Will the price of gas continue to increase?”

Not to say that these questions aren’t important, but as the unemployment rate holds steady above 9 percent and the real rate of unemployment is over 16 percent people are less concerned about taxes, debt ceilings, and gas prices than they are concerned about keeping their jobs or finding one. So with that in mind, I wanted to dedicate this article to those who are unemployed by giving them some financial tips/strategies to employ in this hard economic market.

Whenever I discuss financial tips/strategies for the unemployed, many in the audience respond with bewildered looks coupled with a “huh?!”  Or I get the classic oversimplified response which states, “FIND A JOB!”  This is great advice, but there are other financial strategies for those who find themselves unwillingly placed into the ranks of the unemployed. Read more…

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