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Samsung Tech to Look Forward to for the Holiday

August 6, 2012 Leave a comment

 By The Manly Man

I got a chance to look at some cool stuff Samsung has out right now that is pretty lust-worthy. The Galaxy S3 is sort of a beast, the note is pretty much a tablet if you ask me, and you’ll be hard pressed to find a sexier TV. Below are my impressions of those devices.

Samsung S3 and Note

These two devices are pretty similar in that they both make and receive phone calls. Other than that, they have pretty stark differences. The Galaxy S3 is quicker, with a faster CPU speed, more up to date OS (Ice Cream Sandwich), and to me, just plain sexier. However, the Note is no slouch with it’s stylus and huge display at 5.3 inches. Depending on your aesthetic tastes, I’d say either is a pretty good bargain if you don’t mind Samsung’s Touchflo skin on top of stock Android. Read more…

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Sony Xperia Ion Review

July 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We managed to snag us a Sony Xperia Ion and played with it for a bit this week. The phone came out on AT&T the end of June and many people are wondering how it stacks up with some of the other devices in AT&T’s stable. Read on to find out!

As usual, I’ll be breaking down the review on the points I liked and the issues I didn’t feel comfortable with or wish could be changed.


  • Form Factor

As soon as I pulled this puppy from my pocket, no less than two people around me approached me to ask me what type of phone I had. I gladly told them what it was and what I was doing with it. I was really surprised, because I don’t usually get that strong of a reaction when I’m holding a phone. Granted, it could have been dumb luck, but I can definitely see why someone might be intrigued with this device. It really does have a sleek, elegant beauty to it – yet you can tell it’s functional. Sony has a way of making electronic devices look and feel really high-grade and the Ion is no different. there is nothing flimsy about this phone which I find really important if I’m going to spend a couple hundred on any piece of equipment.

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