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The 5Ws: Edna Garcia-Dipini

December 4, 2013 Leave a comment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho: Edna Garcia-Dipini & Members

What: RIZE

RIZE  is an anti-violence creative arts program designed by Edna Garcia. RIZE teaches young adults film, digital media, journalism, visual and performing arts to raise awareness and give young people the tools to appropriately identify and express emotions that can lead to violence if left unchecked. RIZE is well accredited for their involvement and hard work within the Reading, PA and New York City communities, as well as on a national level. RIZE participates in many state events organized by the Governor through the Governor’s advisory of Latino Affairs – State Youth Summits.

RIZE’s partnership with the I-Lead Charter School – RIZE and I-LEAD Inc. have enjoyed a productive and mutually beneficial relationship and share a belief in the importance of investing in the development of future leaders. “We are excited to be a part of the advancement of I-Lead Charter School whose services are beloved by our community and students that we serve in Reading, PA. Read more…


For Teenagers, a “Graduated” Driver’s License Saves Lives—and Saves Parents from a Nervous Breakdown

February 7, 2012 Leave a comment

Post image for For Teenagers, a “Graduated” Driver’s License Saves Lives—and Saves Parents from a Nervous Breakdown


The state of New Jersey is currently debating a bill that would create “graduated licenses” for teenagers, which add more safeguards and restrictions to the process of acquiring a license for 16-year-old drivers. While there is some opposition in New Jersey, these measures have been passed in many other states around the country, including Georgia, where I live, and let me tell you, they make a huge difference for parents. I am an unequivocal supporter of anything that makes teenagers more cautious and conscientious when they get behind the wheel.

First of all, you can’t argue with the statistics. A story in the New York Times, quoting numbers provided by the New Jersey Teen Safe Driving Coalition, says that with teenage drivers, a single passenger raises the risk of a crash by 50 percent and doubles the risk of a driver dying in a crash; three passengers increase the risk of a crash by 200 percent. Most graduated license laws, such as the one we have here in Georgia, prohibit 16-year-olds from driving with another teenager in the car for at least six months. In the second six months after they get the license, teens can’t have more than one other teen in the car. A year after the license, teens still aren’t supposed to have more than three other teens in the car. Read more…

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