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Back-To-School Basics: Six Great Ways To Tackle School Shopping On a Budget

September 1, 2011 Leave a comment

Post image for Back-To-School Basics: Six Great Ways To Tackle School Shopping On a BudgetBy ANDREA WOROCH

Thanks to steadily increasing cotton and labor costs, fashion manufacturers are cutting back on both quality and extras. Instead, they’re using inexpensive tweaks to con shoppers into believing they’re actually getting more for their money—thus, the new slang term “con-flation.”

It looks like parents aren’t buying it, though. The National Retail Foundation released a study in late July indicating back-to-school shoppers plan to spend less this year across the board. According to the study, “Parents are actually taking inventory of last year’s items, asking kids to… try on those ‘old’ jeans, and check if the tennis shoes still fit.”

The Labor Department reported clothing prices rose 1.2 percent in July, the third increase in the last year. In 12 months, clothing costs rose 3.1 percent, the biggest yearly increase since July 1992.

Shopper pragmatism is one way to beat the system; another is to use cost-saving methods to reduce back-to-school spending. Here are six ways to get your kids to school in style—and on budget.

1. Buy Quality Read more…


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