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When Messy Moments Seem Like They’ll Never End

January 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Post image for When Messy Moments Seem Like They’ll Never EndNobody really prepares you for just how disgusting kids are. And how quickly you’ll fall right in line with the nasty. Like, why didn’t anyone tell me about that mom reflex that automatically catches vomit pouring from a baby’s mouth? Or that thing moms are inclined to do with their perfectly clean hands and t-shirts when there’s a runny nose but no tissue? Why do we so easily reach for the cleaning products when the projectile poop finds its way to the changing table… and the bed spread… and the floor… and the wall… without so much as a blink when it happens?

These things are standard mom fare. I cop to catching and cleaning up my fair share of baby bodily fluids for years without complaint. Mainly because my understanding was that the disgusting wouldn’t last always. Read more…

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