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With Food Stamp Cuts Looming, Remembering The Government Cheese

October 29, 2013 Leave a comment

by — Oct 29, 2013

Government Cheese

Editor’s Note: I penned this piece in January 2010, when analysts were exploring the expansion of the federal food stamp program. The running consensus  then was that more and more, Americans of all ages, races and backgrounds were increasingly depending on public assistance to feed their families. Now, three years later, that expansion is going away, leaving children vulnerable to hunger here, in one of the richest countries in the world. So I figured I’d dust this story off. It is still relevant, if not more, as rhetoric over the food stamp program reaches fever pitch.

* * *

It’s the cheese I remember—a congealed, yellowy-orange block in non-descript paper, with, I think, blue writing. You needed the might of Solomon to cut through it, it was so thick. All I could manage were chunks—never firm slices. Read more…


Why Romney’s Hair Doesn’t Move and Congress Kleptocratic Rule

May 3, 2012 Leave a comment

By Torrence Stephens

In all honesty, Mitt Romney and the current cast of GOP caricatures remind me of a 1970s bad Kung Fu movie. Now we can outline all of Romney’s flaws and problems and even place in the open field for all to examine. But it will not make a difference objectively, for most folk, especially white ones. Likewise, we all know that the GOP traditionally is the party of white folks and it will always be such. And even though they know in their hearts and minds that Romney is dumb as a door knob, they will still vote for him even knowing you cannot trust a man’s who hair never moves.

The last part is the kicker. The election of Barack Obama was a Damascene Moment for the Republicans similar to what happened to Paul of Tarsus on his journey to Damascus. It was a call to arms for white folk especially in the GOP, to come to grips with the fact they had taken the most powerful position, the Presidency of the United State for granted assuming it would always be held by a white man or woman. They just assumed that he or she would always be a white Anglo Saxon protestant. Now they are upset: the audacity for Black folk to have a president that looks like them at the head of our table.

Read more…

Newt Gingrich Calls Obama “The Best Food Stamp President in History”

December 8, 2011 1 comment

by Dr. Boyce WatkinsYour Black World, Scholarship in Action

Republican Presidential Candidate Newt Gingrich has some interesting views on both President Obama and the food stamp program.  First, Gingrich believes that President Obama is the “best food stamp president in history,” since, according to Newt, there are 47 million Americans on food stamps.  Secondly, Gingrich seems to think that you can use food stamps to pay for a trip to Hawaii.

Gringrich spoke recently at a “slice the deficit” pizza party sponsored by a group called “Strong America Now” (maybe they were originally planning the party for Herman Cain, who has less cheater baggage than Gingrich himself).  At the event, Gingrich said this:

“Remember, this is the best food stamp president in history. So more Americans today get food stamps than before. And we now give it away as cash — you don’t get food stamps. You get a credit card, and the credit card can be used for anything. We have people who take their food stamp money and use it to go to Hawaii. They give food stamps now to millionaires because, after all, don’t you want to be compassionate? You know, the Obama model: isn’t there somebody you’d like to give money to this week. That’s why we’re now going to help bailout Italy because we haven’t bailed out enough people this week, the president thought let’s write another check. After all, we have so much extra money.” Read more…

Shame on You, Washington Politicians

November 21, 2011 Leave a comment

By Torrance Stephens
My America is land of the free and home of the brave. But this is only in theory. The actual truth is that the bravest folk in our great nation are those who think, read, who are of the middle and lower classes have no insurance or jobs and tend to be in the military. Yes this is the back bone of our great nation and all of the rest seem to be holding on milking other for their ride.

Take for example our politicians. All I can say is “shame on you.” You cannot do the work of the people and tend to only do what is best for your wealthy associates regardless of party affiliation for the simple truth in policy, action, and money there is no distinction between any politicians in Washington. Last I heard Obama was just as bellicose as Dick Cheney and has dropped more bombs from drones than Donald Rumsfeld ever did.

What if any, additional evidence do we need to see that our political system is completely broken? These super committee fools couldn’t eve come up with at least $1.2 trillion in deficit cuts over the next decade I a two month period. Meanwhile back at the ranch, the U.S. national debt has passed the 15 trillion dollar mark and we are facing trillion dollar deficits – can you say national financial disaster. Now we are going to have automatically triggered budget cuts of $1.2 trillion in starting in 2013. And I wait and see because mathematically, we may not have even this many in cuts since they include almost $170 million in savings projected to occur as a function of reduced interest cost on our national debt.A national debt that just last week went above the $15 trillion mark. Read more…

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