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New Mobile, Fluency in Any Language

September 19, 2013 Leave a comment


— The innovative app was developed by 29-year old African-American tech CEO and Co-Founder Leonardo Hudson. —

Nationwide( — Seln (Celine) which stands for “Simple Enough to Learn Now,” is a mobile app, designed to make the user fluent in any language. Seln is leveraging innovative technology and combining it with entertaining audio and video lessons, games and other features to create an engaging learning environment perfect for fluency.

“Since we live in a mobile and social world creating a platform for a person to be fluent in any language should be inexpensive, fast, and cool,” says 29-year old African-American tech CEO and Co-Founder Leonardo Hudson. “We know that there aren’t many products currently fulfilling the needs of the modern user; guaranteed fluency, reasonable price, cultural immersion, and a phenomenal user experience. Our team is proud to build something that will make the world awesome.” Read more…


Raygrid Calderon’s DreemKaCHer App Helps You Network From the Palm of Your Hand Smartphone

April 25, 2013 Leave a comment

raygrid calderonBy BIG CED

We all dream, some more than others. The type of dreams I’m referring to are the ones that people are passionate about, no sleeping involved (although it is optional).

Raygrid Calderon wants to make sure you get closer to, if not, capture your dream by just lifting your finger. And, yes, it can happen.

Social media plays a very strong part in just about all we do these days, and Calderon has helped develop an app that brings you closer to the people you want to network with in hopes of  building mutually beneficial business relationships for you and any other party that can help you reach your goals.

But, as she puts it, she is just “passing a Dreemer to a Kacher.”

You recently launched a mobile app on iOS called DreemKaCHer, what does the app do? Read more…

50 Cent x SMS Audio European Takeover

September 13, 2012 Leave a comment

Sony Xperia Ion Review

July 16, 2012 Leave a comment

We managed to snag us a Sony Xperia Ion and played with it for a bit this week. The phone came out on AT&T the end of June and many people are wondering how it stacks up with some of the other devices in AT&T’s stable. Read on to find out!

As usual, I’ll be breaking down the review on the points I liked and the issues I didn’t feel comfortable with or wish could be changed.


  • Form Factor

As soon as I pulled this puppy from my pocket, no less than two people around me approached me to ask me what type of phone I had. I gladly told them what it was and what I was doing with it. I was really surprised, because I don’t usually get that strong of a reaction when I’m holding a phone. Granted, it could have been dumb luck, but I can definitely see why someone might be intrigued with this device. It really does have a sleek, elegant beauty to it – yet you can tell it’s functional. Sony has a way of making electronic devices look and feel really high-grade and the Ion is no different. there is nothing flimsy about this phone which I find really important if I’m going to spend a couple hundred on any piece of equipment.

Baby Facebook: Parental Controls Or No, Kids On Facebook Means Mo’ Problems For Parents

June 5, 2012 Leave a comment

By Denene Millner

Post image for Baby Facebook: Parental Controls Or No, Kids On Facebook Means Mo’ Problems For ParentsDear Sweet baby Jesus: Please save the babies from Mark Zuckerberg and the massive time-suck/child molester magnet that is sure to be the so-called “Baby Facebook,” a kid version of the world’s most popular social media site allegedly being conjured up by good ol’ Zuck and the crew.

The Wall Street Journal reported yesterday that Facebook is preparing a membership option for children under age 13—a new feature that would allow kids access to the social network with their parents’ permission and supervision. The kids’ accounts would be linked to their parents’ pages, allowing parents to control who their children add as friends and which apps they use.

Of course, a “Baby Facebook” would add, like, a bazillion more users to Facebook’s 900 million user base. And, of course, open the social media giant up to all kinds of advertising and marketing goodness in the lucrative children’s market. Read more…

With Our Kids, Parents Are Fighting a Daily Battle Against the Gadgets

May 30, 2012 Leave a comment

 Post image for With Our Kids, Parents Are Fighting a Daily Battle Against the Gadgets


Researchers have found that the children of the poor spend more time than children of wealthier families using technology to play and waste time, rather than for constructive things. While we were spending all that time fretting about the digital divide in the 90′s, it turns out that as the divide began to close, a new divide was growing—the “wasting time” divide.

But as with everything else concerning children and childhood, what this divide is really about is children of the poor don’t get as much quality time with their parents—whether that time is spent preparing dinner in the kitchen, reading a book together, walking in the park, talking about the events of the day, or searching for crazy factoids on the computer about beetles. Read more…

The 5Ws: Lashaun Turner

May 17, 2012 Leave a comment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usWho: Lashaun Turner

What: TRC Social Media & Look Like A STar* Public Relations

Why: Look Like A Star Public Relations specializes in servicing the Publicity needs of Independent (unsigned) Music Artists in the genre’s of Hip-Hop, Rap, Soul, Urban Pop and RnB. The company engages social media networking,niche marketing, and other advanced techniques to increase exposure for it’s clients. We deliver your music to targeted industry connections. We supply artists with opportunities for Press exposure through Interviews, Featured Articles, Radio Spins, and Press Release /EPK distribution.. Read more…

Why Your Personal Life Impacts Your Professional Brand

May 10, 2012 Leave a comment

By Patrice C. Washington
Image Hosted by

We can’t help it. Whether we hear Apple, BMW, Coca-Cola or Wal-Mart, we automatically create very specific images in our head about each one of those brands and what they represent to us.  Likewise, very specific images come up when we hear names like Beyonce or Cher or Michael Jackson. Brands don’t only pertain to businesses, but people, as well.  So, it’s important to understand that whether you are trying to or not, YOU represent a brand.  And whether you want to accept it or not, there is absolutely no way to separate your personal and professional brand.  Just think of the late Whitney Houston. What she may have considered “personal business” still managed to impede her professional brand when it was all said and done.
So, if we know this is true, let’s tackle 3 areas where your personal life DOES impact your professional brand.

Sexual responsibility reaches new heights with iPhone app Chec-Mate™

March 6, 2012 Leave a comment

Image Hosted by ImageShack.usIf you could share your current STD status with someone instantly through your phone or other application device, would you?

STFree introduces the new Chec-Mate™ application; the world’s first and only Smartphone application developed for the iOS and Android device that will allow you to verify, share or exchange your recent Sexually Transmitted Infection (STI) screening dates and results instantly, securely and confidentially.

Chec-Mate™ is the brainchild of Eli Dancy, founder of STFree Certifications Inc. and creator of the unprecedented Safe Sex License, which is recognized by the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and the New York State Department of Health and Mental Hygiene. “We are excited that advancements in technology have provided us with an opportunity to be the first to provide the world a secure platform to safely exchange lifesaving information” says Dancy.

Read more…

Gas or Electric? Lincoln Answers – “Both”

March 5, 2012 Leave a comment

Lincoln 2012 MKZ Hybrid

I got a chance to test drive Lincoln’s all new MKZ Hybrid Luxury Vehicle all around New York City. To be honest, I’ve never driven a Lincoln before and I always thought the brand was for, how do I say it, the generation ahead of mine. I will say, the style and perks with the all new MKZ were a pleasant surprise. See my thoughts below.



I was very intrigued by the style of the MKZ. It is slightly aggressive, yet refined. It also has “the car next door” look to it which means it is slightly unassuming. I think the style fits quite nicely because you don’t reek of pretentiousness after you open the car door to step out. One is also pleasantly surprised when he takes a peek inside to find leather seats and a smartly laid out dash.
“Smart Gauge” Read more…

Free Album: John Dew – Tech-NASA

August 24, 2011 Leave a comment

spacer Free Album: John Dew – Tech-NASA


spacer Latest Album From John Dew Offered To Fans For Free Download spacer

The Album:

H-Town rapper John Dew is excited to release his new album, Tech-NASA. The album is being offered to fans for free download, while John Dew will release a deluxe version of the project, including three new songs, for sale through digital retailers on October 1st.

The title, Tech-NASA, draws creative inspiration his hometown’s alias Space City, flipping the concept with an acronym (Taking Earth Children Higher: Navigating Audio Sonic Amplifications) that reflects the cleverness that shows up throughout the album. “Taking Earth Children Higher means that I want to take mankind to the next level mentally, musically, and spiritually,” explains Dew, while adding that NASA has it’s own special meaning. “Navigating Audio Sonic Amplifications means that I want to purposely direct my sound waves into the soul of a person.” Read more…

The Industry Cosign hits Palm Springs

August 16, 2011 Leave a comment

By T. Strong

The all women’s drive event, “Heels and Wheels” was held in sunny Palm Springs, California and of course, we there. With 11 different vehicles to drive and experience, it was definitely a busy week. From General Motors to Chevrolet, Honda, Dodge and Saab, these manufacturers really rolled out the red carpet to make sure we all had a great time. Each vehicle had quite a few desired features, so to say it was difficult to to narrow it down would be an understatement. In order of my own personal preference, here are the best features of each.
Image Hosted by
GM Acadia Denali – GM is one of the global sales leaders and judging by all the bells and whistles of this truck, I can see why. My favorite feature? The Windshield Hologram. And, with one touch of the key fob, I can open the rear lift gate with ease. You can’t go wrong with 24 highway mpg and a V6, 3.6L engine.

Volvo C-70 – There’s nothing better than riding around in a convertible…especially in Cali. The C-70’s top goes down fully in 30 seconds. You could go from incognito to all out swag while waiting at a stop light. This beauty has the largest rear seat and trunk of any hardtop convertible. Read more…

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