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Veteran Radio Personality DeDe McGuire has Resigned as Co-host of the “Doug Banks Radio Show”

Veteran Radio Personality, DeDe McGuire, Has Resigned as Co-host of
the “Doug Banks Radio Show”
Dallas, TX. October 31, 2014 — DeDe McGuire, has officially announced today that she has resigned from her position as Co-host of the Doug Banks Radio Show”. DeDe says, “After over 10 wonderful years of working along side of Doug Banks, I have decided to resign from my position as Co-host on “The Doug Banks Radio Show”. It was an extremely difficult decision, because we have had so many wonderful years together, but it is time for me to step down and focus on bigger and better things at this point in my career.  I am truly honored that I have had the opportunity to work along side such a great man who I have learned so much from over the years.  I wish Doug Banks and the show the best of luck. I will truly miss them.”  DeDe McGuire will continue to be the host of her top ranked hit morning show, “DeDe in the Morning”, that airs on Service Broadcasting’s K104FM in Dallas, TX.

About DeDe McGuire

DeDe McGuire is one of the few African American women in the United States to host her own radio show in a major market city.  DeDe McGuire is the host of “DeDe in the Morning”, which airs weekdays in Dallas, Texas on K104FM.  DeDe’s show “DeDe in the Morning” manages to stay in a top ranking position consistently beating out her male counterparts. DeDe’s previous experience includes Co-hosting the afternoon drive syndicated “Doug Banks Radio Show” as well.  Some of the markets she has been heard in over the past years on the “Doug Banks Radio Show” have been Chicago, DC, Augusta, Charlotte, Birmingham, and Tulsa, to name a few.  More information about DeDe McGuire can be found online at http://www.dedemcguire.com.

From 5:30-10am listen to DeDe in the Morning on K104FM 104.5FM Dallas, TX or stream live at myk104fm.com.
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